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AllStar Heating & Air Conditioning is the Central Coast’s authority on all things heating and cooling. Get answers below to some of the most commonly asked questions about heating and air conditioning equipment, energy efficiency, air quality, and maintenance.

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“How often should I change my filter?”

It is a good practice to change your filter at least once a year. Changing your filter will prolong the life of your equipment and help to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your home. You may need to change your filter more often if you have pets or live in an area prone to high dust, such as a ranch or farm.

“Our air conditioner is not blowing cold air. What should we do?”

If you have confirmed that your breaker has not tripped, thermostat is set to cool, and your filter is clean, then you may need a service call. Call us at (805) 688-4018 to set up your appointment with our experienced service technician.

“Why should I have my heater serviced?”

It is important to have your heater and air conditioner serviced yearly in order for your equipment to perform at their optimal levels and ensure they are operating safely. This equals energy efficiency and money savings for you!

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